[Raman Application] SERS

Novel Ag/Au/Pt trimetallic nanotubes and their application in trace molecular detection by SERS

Trace chemical analysis by surface enhanced Raman soectroscopy (SERS) is made quick and easy with sample vials containing our patented Ag, Au, Pd, Ru, etc. A solution containing the chemical of interest is simply placed into the vial, which is then analyzed using a Raman spectrometer. Raman signals are increased in some cases more than 1 million times allowing measurements of samples concentration as low as 10 ppb.


Trimetallic nanostructures have received considerable attention in photonics, catalysis and surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) detection. Despite great advances in this field, nanoparticles consisting of multiple noble metal components under controlled synthesis can give better electronic effective synthesis of  hollow or porous Ag / Au / Pt trimetallic nanocubes based on the galvanic replacement reaction and co-reduction of the corresponding ions has been developed for the first time.

It was demonstrated that the Ag / Au/ Pt trimetallic nanocubes were extremely SERS-active sensitivity and stability with an enhancement factor high enough for detecting thin molecules. Our results show that the Rhodamine 3Bdye molecules could be detected over a wide concentration range from 10-15 to 10-8 M, with a lower limit detection being 10-15 M.