[Raman Application] Rice wine and Fake wine

MRI Micro Raman Identify is a powerful tool for forensic science and you will find out the specific Raman Shift when measuring the different functional groups of each sample. It would be helpful for identification and easy to reveal the result where the sample actually come from and the original source either. We can also use MRI with all available databases for Forensics and quickly identify all suspicious evidences from crime scene.


For example, there are two samples, one sample is unknown and the other is rice wine from government entrusted. Both samples were replaced in 2 c.c. vial and precipitated. After that, both of them were pipette into another vial with clear solution only and then measured with Raman. In this, we intended to identify the real sample is unknown, by doing so, we define the spectrum of standard rice wine as background spectrum. We also get the spectrum of real target sample which is form the spectrum of unknown sample and then subtracted with the background spectrum. Reveal the real target sample is 2-chloroethanol after searching all database and the quality is 95%. In conclusion, MRI is a powerful and efficient Micro Raman Identify measurement system for Forensics.