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XSC -Thin Film Coating


Large Area Thin Film Coating

Nanovie Xano Spray Coating (XSC) fabricates thin films with nanoparticles generated by Metal Xano and others.


Without the use of a vacuum system, XSC is capable of fabricating large sized thin films, 20 X 20 cm or larger.


Joystick control and LCD interface without the need of an external computer ensure simple operation, while programmable coating procedures produce reliable results.


Controllable low-temperature annealing during coating reduces undesired layer interaction, which improves the quality for coating multiple layers and coating with mixed nanoparticles.

>annealed spray coating

The example shows the pristine state of the gold thin film coated by XSC (left) becomes more continuous after being annealed at 250 ̊C (middle) but loses its ideal properties after over-annealing at 350 ̊C (right).

XSC Sprat Coating

•Thin film thickness : 100 ~ 1,000 nm

•Coating area : 20 x 20 cm (Standard)  , Custom-made up to 100 x 100 cm

•Heating stage : room temperature to 400 °C

•Software control with joystick & LCD interface

•Coating parameters configurable

•Computer not required

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