• RAMaker


Micro Raman/PL/TR-PL Spectrometer
Model : RAMaker

RAMaker Spectrometer

All PTT Raman Series can provide auto-switch wavelength of laser. RAMaker provides the function of both Raman and PL with selected sources 266, 325,355, 442, 458, 473, 488, 532, 633, 785, and 830 nm. LED sources can be applied for only PL measurement. It also provides upgrading packages, including InGaAs detector for NIR Raman (1064nm) & PL, Photocounting PMT for lifetime measurement, fluorescent Image and combined AFM or NSOM for TERS.

RAMaker Chamber can adjust three different wavelength laser and can also be applied way to add more laser source, The laser energy produced by the software or ND filer. The optical design is suitable for UV ~ Vis or Vis ~ NIR or UV ~ NIR compliance with various fields using. RAMaker Chamber included AF Quick, built-in Goggle optic, Scan / View bar and comply with safety regulations class 1.

RAMaker Chamber also made M475582 patent modulation Raman design, it input third way source via coaxial into RAMaker Chamber.
Included at least ten different wavelengths of LED light sources for measuring fluorescent samples, plus source for doing upconversion
and two photon fluorescence. With M475582 patent design, at the time the signals is measured will not be distorted mapping.

All lasers go through Auto-Free switched design without wavelength calibration. The laser energy controlled by the software or N.D. filer
which has six holds wheel can easy reduce laser energy to avoid sample burning or quenched.

RAMaker included 9M pixels image CCD monitoring and 3W LED white light will provide a high density visible image and auto scale calculated with auto exposure to capture real time image.

The Raman shift of RAMaker start 90cm-1 (532nm) depends on excitation laser source and it is powerful tool for researching inorganic materials. You can also order Anti-Stokes Raman in advise. And Si standard measured by 10 times should be 520±0.7 cm-1. Intensity of Si wafer is higher than 6,000 counts per second based on 532nm laser excitation.

RAMSpec Software

RAMSpec Software function includes timely display of scanning spectra, automatic calculation of A/B ratio, intensity distribution, and Raman shift distribution. Mapping function includes Raman signal 2D and 3D displays. RAMSpec Software also provided optional functions included  quantity and user database search.

Optional Dynamic analysis and trend measurement function, providing 2D / 3D display, can be for A / B ratio, peak wavelength, absorption, penetration and user-defined parameters, the peak position, width and half-wave surface integral real-time display. Time resolution spectral and colorimetric analysis. With elements of the search function, you can analyze atom and ion type.


Optional Micro Fluorescence lifetime (TCSPC )
-Used PicoQuant or Becker & Hickl kit
-Measurement Life Time : 200ps~500ns or 500ns~1s or 200ps~s.
-PMT Detector range : 300~800nm
-NIR Detector range : 650~ 1700nm
-Picosecond Pulse Laser: 375、405、440、473、488、640nm
-FLIM coming soon

Faraday Discussions, P19, DOI: 10.1039/C6FD00164E
Dual photoluminescence enhancement application

Optional Cooling or heating stage
-Temperature Range: 8K~450K
-Temperature Range: ~77K
-Heating Stage: up to 1,000K

Optional Polarizer

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