About Us

ProTrusTech (PTT)is a professional Raman company from Taiwan, all systems are independently developed and manufactured in Taiwan, and all the components we use are not made in China. We are a recognized leader in Raman spectroscopy based in Taiwan, providing state-of-the-art Raman systems to extensive range of applications. The Raman technology allows fast and non-destructive chemical analysis of solids, powders, liquids and thin film, and has recently become widely used in various research and applied fields. Our mission is to enable our customers to carry out their work in a better and smarter way.

We are an engineering and scientific technology ream that has been drawing on experiences with our customers from academic institutes to industrials labs. In 2008, we established ProTrusTech to continue and improve our achievements, providing Raman systems with microscopy, SERS, TERS, photoreflectance, photoluminescence and electroluminescence.

We develop a wide variety of Raman systems and we have gotten two US patents for inventions. Our product range includes Portable Raman, Portable Micro Raman, Auto Switch Micro Raman System which are widely used in different applications.

Pro TrusTech substantially believes that success comes from both customer satisfaction and our innovation. Building on our expertise in customization and patented technology, we developed a range of high-quality and reliable products: MRI, MRID, GMD, GMDX and RAMaker.

Whether you have training in the relevant field or not, we can provide you with the right product including research-grade or simple Raman for you to choose.

Manufacturers for foundry and OEM  

We can offer OEM/ODM services to serve a wider range of companies. Due to application of Raman spectroscopy has become wider. Therefore, based on many years of experience, we have designed an one-piece-formed with more stable optical module, which can mass produce both macro and micro Raman spectrometers, so that Raman spectroscopy can be used in various fields more universal. In addition to its own brands, PTT also seeks for cooperative manufacturers for foundry and OEM.

US Patent : US10,247,674B2

US Patent : US11,340,114B2

May 2019, US Patent US10,247,674B2

July 2019, collaborate with NCHU about SERS

April 2018, Get order from India

February 2018, Japan distributor

October 2017, US Patent pending

August 2017, Get Taiwan patent I593953

January 2017, Get Taiwan patent I570402

December 2016, Get order from Sweden and China

October 2016, Publish in Faraday Discussions international journal of AIEE application of micro Raman spectroscopy

January 2016, US, China and Taiwan patent pending 

September 2015, SBIR

January 2015, Apply for US patent

November 2014, First contract of oversea distributor

June 2014, MRI Micro Raman spectrometer

April 2014, Get Taiwan patent M475582

February 2013, Micro Raman spectrometer

December 2011, PRRS surface enhanced kit

November 2011, 266 nm UV Micro Raman

August 2010, RAMaker micro Raman spectrometer

November 2008, Establish

We can provide

Raman spectroscopy
‧ PhotoLuminescence
‧ PhotoReflectance
‧ Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering
‧ Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering
‧ ElectroLuminescence